About Grateful Days

Corporate philosophy

To develop the World’s “No.1” Heartwarming Community .

The tremendous development of the internet and presence in our everyday life has made the medium a very essential way to communicate. Hence nullifying the existence of distances between the “Citizens of the World”.
We anticipate to give birth to a whole new user friendly and impact positive paradigm.
With the concept of ‘Mutual Aide’ and ‘Compassion’ , we envision to deliver a smile to people worldwide.
Moving a step forward everyday , to make Ours and “Your” dreams come true, with an ‘Ambition’ to make a better WORLD.

Service philosophy

Reaching out to every word of “ Thank you”

Envisioning the “ World’s No.1 Heartwarming Community”, ascending towards our goal, we currently deal in ‘Online Games’, ‘Social Network Services’ , and a ‘Magazine’(all of our services are currently running only in Japan and Korea). With our foot in each , we are currently stepping into ‘Smartphone Apps’, pushing out our horizons and spreading the word of “Appreciation” everywhere we go.

We look to serve our audience , through displaying our belief of ‘ONE WORLD’. Our current services though surpasses the conventional methods of communication, the various translation systems enforce our concept of ‘Overcoming ‘ the commonly known ‘Communication Barrier’. Moreover, we believe in delivering flawless support and services to our audience.

Our policy

Forging a platform with ‘entente’

We aspire to convey our motives of forging a platform on the basis of ‘Compassion, and gratitude’, to realize the true meaning of such words, eliminating barriers to work with our customers. Overall to actualize a community where spending time would be no less than spending time at a luxury hotel.

7 lines of conduct

Employee principles

・ Always Dynamic ( Proactive in nature )
・ Always Iterative (Implementing PDCA)
・ Always Professional( Respecting Professional conducts )
・ Always Innovative ( innovative thinking and realization )
・ Always Efficient ( legitimate results)
・ Always Persistent ( To give into every task the best possible)
・ Always Considerate (To always consider the Customers needs and satisfactions)

Origin of our company name

“Grateful Days” refers to our belief as an Organization that ‘Gratitude’ , ‘Appreciation’ can be the key to all Obstacles in life.

Conveying our message of ‘Compassion’ and ‘Gratitude’ to the coming generations, ahead of time we prepare and reach out to you ‘Today’, and ‘Tomorrow’.